Access denied

Hace unos días active mi página web aquí pero nunca he podido abrirla en Internet.
Primero creí que era porque tenía mi Index dentro de una carpeta así que lo saqué pero continua el mismo error.

Cuando intento abrir mi página desde un navegador me dice Acceso Denegado.

Necesito que me ayuden con este problema, porque no se que está saliendo mal.

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Could you provide us with a URL?


A few days ago I activated my website here but I have never been able to open it on the Internet.
At first I thought it was because I had my Index inside a folder so I removed it but the same error continues.

When I try to open my page from a browser it says Access Denied.

I need help with this problem, because I don’t know what is going wrong.



Hi Villegas,

As you have mentioned about never seeing the site online, I suspect it has never been uploaded to the right place to begin with. Have you placed the website under the htdocs folder instead of root?

The index file is responsible for displaying content for that directory, there should be one more at the very top of your site, that should exist inside htdocs folder of your FTP account.

When the file does not exist, the server does not know what to present and denies the request for security reasons.



Here is the link to my page, all the files are within the corresponding folder.

I just checked your website, and I am getting a 403. Could you screenshot your htdocs folder?


Well, I think I’ve found the problem! Please note that Linux servers are case-sensitive, so don’t expect the server to find your Index.html file. You can either rename it all lowercase (so index.html), or put this in a .htaccess file you create inside the htdocs folder:

DirectoryIndex Index.html

Like so the index page will show up.





I made the changes and my page still does not appear, here is the link again

When I check your site now, I see a message saying “403 Access denied”.

For general info about this error, please see this article:

For your site specifically, please take a look at the Domains page in the client area, and carefully check the Directory that your domain is linked to. And then please make sure that your website files are uploaded to the directory listed there.


all my files including my index are located in the folder called htdocs. Isn’t that supposed to be the address where my index should be located? I’m already a little desperate with this problem.

admin wants to tell you to see if there is a directory with this name
and in it the htdocs folder

and not just the first htdocs



here I send you another photo

Now check if you have that folder on your File Manager. If you don’t you’ll have to create with the File Manager outside of the htdocs folder a folder with name, then move the htdocs folder inside that folder you created. Like so your website will start working.


where you were (in your screenshot) you have a button on the right,
click on it (orange button) and see if you have files at all at that address


I touch this button

this comes out directly