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I cannot delete folder(subdomain) in root directory, why ?

The reason why you can’t delete the subdomains folders is because they are created by the root user and has permissions that only the root user has, not the FTP user.
You can create a new hosting account if you want to delete them - just click on the Client Area the button NEW ACCOUNT.

when i create NEW Account i cannot create new folders with them names of folders, why ?

Because only the root user can create files/folders outside of the htdocs folder, so you need to recreate the subdomain if you want to get access to its folder, and upload the files to its htdocs folder.

You say’s that i can delete all folders, but subdomain folders cannot ?

You can’t delete/create the subdomain folders or your files outside of the htdocs folder because of a restriction that restricts the access for files/folders outside the htdocs folder only for the root user, while the htdocs is unvaried.

I don’t create them!

But subdomain i cannot.
And in my Account “trash” with other folder’s.
Can sombody help ?

The dotfolders with the cPanel information are created with permissions that every user can access and delete.
But subdomains folders are not hidden folders, and cannot be deleted because of permissions that only the root user can use.

And what should I do in this situation? I cannot delete a folder or create a new account with the same name.
Is it now dead folders?

They are now dead folders, because you deleted a subdomain from the Panel and now don’t serve the files from the htdocs folder of the subdomain.


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