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Im trying to access the database from a Python script on my PC, but i keep getting an error “Access denied for user ‘foiwette_admin’@‘’ (using password: YES)”.
I created a MySql user and gave that user all priviliges. Then i used the user credentials for my connection. The same error happens when I try to use my cpanel login credentials.

What I’m using to create the connection is:
user = ‘foiwette_admin’
password = ‘mypassword’ (this would be the mysql user password)
host = ‘’
port = 3306
database = ‘foiwette_wetter’

so the full connection creation would look like this
conn = mysql.connector.connect(user=‘foiwette_admin’, password=‘mypassword’, host=‘’, port=3306, database=‘foiwette_wetter’)

the website url is:

It’s not related to Infinityfree, You should contact your database provider instead.

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sorry my bad, I switched from infinityfree and upgraded to super, because I also got an error message there and thought the problem is that I need remote access, which I later realized I did not.

The error i got with Infinityfree is:
Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘

conn = mysql.connector.connect(user=‘epiz_25180177’, password=‘cpanel_password_here’, host=‘’, database=‘epiz_25180177_wetter’)


This one requires DB Remote which is not available on this hosting.

That error means that server is able to find the server but it doesn’t have permission to connect:

  1. Check that entered database password is correct.

Please note that the “Super Premium” plan is part of iFastNet’s premium hosting. That’s a service provided by a different company, with a different panels, different servers and different settings.

You should have received details for your premium account from iFastNet. And in any case, you will need to contact iFastNet, not InfinityFree, to get help with your premium account. You can contact iFastNet through their support system at


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