Access denied for user

I try to send some information in my database and disply them in a php page.
All is good but I have this error when displying the php page : Database server unavailable Access denied for user ‘epiz_24749813’@‘’ (using password: YES)
Here is my page :
Could you help me please ?


Hello and thank you for your answer I didn’t know that my password were automaticaly generated, it’s ok for this part but I have another error message that i don’t fully understand :
Invalid query: Table ‘epiz_24749813_creativlab.player’ doesn’t existnWhole query:

Could you help me on this one too ?

Oh. You should try player instead of this. Or `epiz_24749813_creativlab`.`player`

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@lioneln, you need to make sure that the table that @anon19508339 said in the message above exists in the database; if not you need to create it.

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