Access denied for user 'epiz_26891966'@'192.168.%' to database 'mysql'

Access denied for user ‘epiz_26891966’@‘192.168.%’ to database ‘mysql’

I am trying to host dolibarr on infinity but when I try to access the database it shows me the above error message while I am sure that the logins and password are correct.
Thank you in advance for your help


I have already visited this link but I did not find the solution to my problem

user=dbboury, databasename=bouryDolibarrdb

It must look like that:

user=epiz_26891966, databasename= epiz_26891966_db

and your database name will look like epiz_26891966_xxx which can be found on cpanel->mysql databases

I have the same error even making the above changes:

Access denied for user ‘epiz_26891966’@‘192.168.%’ to database ‘mysql’

It shoes a different error now.

Please make sure you’re using the right password. You should use the hosting account password. You can find it in the Account Details for your hosting account on Important, it’s NOT the same as your login password for

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I tried with both passwords; the one that is in the account details and the one I am connecting with on but I still have the same error.

it’s good I just connected. The error was that I checked the box ‘Create user account or grant user account permission on the Dolibarr database’ and I entered the login and password of the superuser. it worked as soon as I unchecked this box. Thank you very much for your help and your availability

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Glad to hear you got the issue resolved (and shared the solution here).

Yes, having Dolibarr create your database and database user will not work. Software needs to have administrator access to the database server to do that, and we obviously can’t provide that on a shared server. So you need to use the database and credentials managed through our panel.

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