Access DB Through Discord Bot

Hey, everyone.

I am looking to develop one website with three components:
-A big database
-A Discord bot, hosted by myself, which gathers information and stores it in the database.
-A website that pulls information out of the database and displays it to the user.

I have noticed that InfinityFree doesn’t seem to like being access by IPs other than their own, especially on the free version.

Is it possible for a Discord bot to access and deposit information into the database if the website/database are hosted by InfinityFree and the Discord bot hosted by myself?

I’m sorry, but that’s not going to work here. We provide a website hosting service, i.e. hosting for things that produce web pages. Using our hosting as data storage for a Discord bot is not something our hosting is intended for.

And it won’t work, because the requests from the bot will be blocked by this system:


Thanks for the response. That’s a huge disappointment, InfinityFree seems phenomenal in every other way. This would be excellent for someone that’s strictly interested in web hosting, but unfortunately that isn’t something I can get away with.

Is there a paid tier that I could do this on?

This security system is only present on free hosting. All premium hosting options do not have this restriction.


Thanks for the response. I’ll get the premium plan. I don’t expect the storage to be that great, only a few GB, and it wouldn’t be accessed all that rapidly. Maybe weekly queries.

On other services, IP addresses and ports need to be opened up in the control panels for communication to be possible back and fourth. What tool in the InfinityFree control panel would do such thing?

Followup question - and infinityfree the same chain?
If I wanted the exact same service that InfinityFree offers, but with the communication abilities, what should I go with over at ifast?

I apologize for triple-posting, I do not see a way to edit messages.

Is “Premium Hosting” → “Super Premium” ($5/month) the equivalent on the free plan? Can I do the things I want to on it?

You can’t do that on free hosting, and I don’t thin premium shared hosting can do that either. I also checked a premium account I have with a different provider, and there is no option for that either. I think you need a VPS or dedicated server to have control over the server ports.

It’s, and kind of. iFastNet does provide the free hosting that InfinityFree offers, but premium hosting is quite different from free hosting, even though they are technically from the same provider.

Basically. That plan does have less MySQL databases and a more restrictive domain limit, but basically everything else is better.


Thanks for the thorough response.

I also see a user management button in the control panel. No need to give ips/ports for SFTP/SQL/SSH access to other people if I can just give them access that way.

How many databases is it? It doesn’t say. Just one? If it is just one, do you think I could set up an auto-backup to an AWS database?

The super plan has 20, the free plan has 400.

Yes, premium hosting should have that - you should also be able to create FTP and PHPMyAdmin accounts that only have select permissions.


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