Acceptable ccTLDs

Does InfinityFree support ccTLDs such as .ng, etc.

Can they be used as custom domains here in InfinityFree to benefit from free hosting service.

Yes, it does; you can add those types of domains without a problem, if they don’t check the DNS records present on the nameservers before adding your domain on your hosting account.


Yes, the domain name provider allows us to change the nameservers.

That’s the only thing required, right???

You will also have to check whether the registry checks for any DNS records present in the nameservers or not. If the registry will throw out that they can’t process nameservers because they miss DNS records (like what this article explains) after adding the nameservers on your domain, then you might not be able to add the domain on your hosting account; if they process the nameservers successfully you will have to wait some time before adding the domain in your hosting account.


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