Absolute beginner needs help, creating webside

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My advice is…

From Beginner view I would say, no big help


I chose WordPress Theme, but nothing happens.
EPIZ_28863132 (website for wowgroup.rf.gd)

Your site is Active

Wow, how did you get there?

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If you site newly created then it take some time! In mean time u checked theme output immediately by visiting it na! It won’t show! Thats all!
Once u got it na! After that It will work well!

Clear your cache

in the long term it might be the best advice.

because when you start editing your wordpress site and re upoloading it, chances are you will get susppended, and then someone will post a link like this.


see this link for more info

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I am a absolute beginner and thought here I could build a website, but do not understand how it works. I have chosen a WordPress theme, but I will not get any further. Under the address wowgroup.rf.gd nothing happens ???

Hello @Randy895!

It looks like your new site is ready to go! If you are not seeing this screen on your site, that means your browser cached an old version of it. Go into your browser settings and clear “Cache and Cookies” for the past month. That should solve it!


I did clear “Cache and Cookies” for all again, anyway cache is clearing with every start. Guess I am just not smart enough or too old to start with this. Thought with this I could learn how to do, but I can’t even get in to the site. Should look for a different project.

What do you mean by “nothing happens”? Can you please share a screenshot of what you see?

Also, I merged your topics. Please don’t create multiple topics with the same question.

Thanks to everybody who tried to help, but this is not mine. I am leaving, Randy

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you have made progress, your website is LIVE
and can be seen by others too.

i would reccomend this web builder as its FUN
and if a program is not fun, your gonna give up faster.
look at this, it has everything you need.

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