About the available 128 MB

Well, I know that upload limit is 128 MB, but I want to ask:
I am developing a site that has a FORM with INPUT TYPE = FILE and it is MULTIPLE, so, the 128 limit is for the sum of the files or for every file(image) seperatedly ??
(I tried to search for that but I found nothing)
Thanks in advance !

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It’s 10MB.

Each file has a limit of 10 MB


As @FreeServices said, the limit for each file is 10MB. You can also have a total of up to 30,000 files and folders on your site.


Oh ! it is my bad, I forgot to greet first😅, I think 10 MB for each is more than enough and is way better than 128 MB limit for total upload of the FORM.
Thank you and Thanks for the service infinityfree provides !

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Hello Mr @Greenreader9 and thanks first.
but doesn’t 30,000 file and folder count limit make the service limited ?
They said it is unlimited disk space I remember
Now, the limit is 30,000 * 10 = 300 GB
I know it is a big deal but it makes it limited
For my site: on the long run & with my users number growth, this count limit will be reached with almost the 1/4 of them are folders (every 3 images are put in a folder).
Also, I limited my site users image size upload to 3MB to make my site faster (is this true or not related ?).
So, i am totally getting about 22,500 * 3 = 68GB
Or maximum 22,500 * 10 = 225GB
Thank you anyway !


Technically you are correct. The is a limit because of the max file size allowed, and the max files/folders allowed.

InfinityFree can technically advertise unlimited space, because that is not what is being restricted, but it’s deffentily not true or nice. (Sorry Admin, but I really don’t like your marketing tactics).

So yes, the file max is 10mb, and the max number of files is 30,000, so there is technically a limit.

Lots of technicalities in this answer!


There’s always a limit, as we don’t have unlimited space in the world. It would be a lie for any provider to say “unlimited disk space.” Premium also has a max upload limit and inode limit (even though it’s much much higher), so technically, it’s not unlimited either.

When shared hosting says “unlimited disk space,” then it’s obviously with fair usage restrictions. No such thing as “unlimited disk space and bandwidth.” Which is also why file sharing sites are not allowed. If Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive charges $10/m for a terabyte storage then why does free hosting offer unlimited?


Just to put into context why these limits exist:

We all know about the inode limit. Every file on a server counts as an inode. A server can only cope with so many inodes, and after it reaches its “max”, issues can start to happen. However in a setup where you have hundreds of servers all connected, inodes can go out the window to a certain degree.

So with free hosting accounts, there has to be an inode limit to ensure the servers work as best they can. I guess you could say you do technically do have unlimted disk space, because technically you do. The only thing causing the 30k file restriction is the inodes limit (i think).

And just as a side note, disk space is more to do with file size rather than count. So yes, 30,000 10MB files equate up to 300GB, but again, that 30k restriction comes from other limits. The actual disk space is unlimited.

TL; DR: The information advertised is technically correct.


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