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Hi, I was really curious about creating a website so I ended up trying to create it and I wanted my website to be truthful, dependable. So I tried the SSL thing from cloudflare, which applies the https connection. Then I asked my friend to verify it, but as far as I see it doesn’t work properly. The error is shown below:

(It says that Safari cannot open the page because it cannot establish a secure connection with the server.)
Actually, I can reach to my website from my own mobile web browser (latest version of Google Chrome) but some of my friends can’t. How can I fix it?
My website URL is: rightyworthy.ml
[I haven’t imstalled any software, except WordPress and MyBB. Their folder are separated from the site: (Wordpress: rightyworthy.ml/blog MybBB: rightyworthy.ml/forum)]
–I’m apologizing for my grammatical mistakes, English is not my first language.–

Everything seems to be ok. SSL is working fine. Website is good. Don’t worry

I see you’re using Cloudflare. Please note that Cloudflare takes up to 24 hours to issue SSL certificates for free accounts. So please wait for 24 hours after the domain is activated in Cloudflare before checking it.

Actually it has been ten days since I started to use Cloudflare. But still, when I check my website connection from Web tools (such as website availability checker) it shows “SSL connection error.” The picture below is the one example:

I checked your website and SSL is working fine on it from here. I do have some ideas about why the tools might say they can’t find your SSL certificate, but that’s just a wild guess on my part.

For more details, maybe you could ask Cloudflare about this instead. I know some things about Cloudflare, but I’m only a user, just like you. If you would like to know more about Cloudflare and their SSL features, I’m sure Cloudflare’s support staff knows a lot more about that.

Same problem with my website allitsolution.ml

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