About nameserver issue

Website URL :- https://hy-news.in

I have upgraded my account with paid version of infinityfree in ifastnet for a month. But after a month I changed the nameservers back to infinityfree but I have faced the account suspension page.

I changed the name servers 3 times but It reflected in dns but doesn’t show the website.

Since you’re an iFastNet customer now, you need to contact support.ifastnet.com for support.


Got it.

Thank you


Wait, so your premium subscription expired? Your nameservers seem to be propagating currently, please have patience, DNS is complex.

Yes. My premium subscription was expired a week ago.

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It seems that the domain name is still linked to a premium server IP. If you want to move it back to free hosting, please contact iFastNet so they can link your domain to your free hosting account again.


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