About index.html folder

Username: epiz_27417585

Can you remove the index.html file in my htdocs folder? my account has been suspended due to this file. I cannot because I cannot access the folders. could you please help

We don’t allow hacking content here. Your account will not be reactivated.

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Hello there
The codes in the index.html file do not belong to my site. I was experimenting with the codes I found on the internet, and it is a code I tried without realizing it was a hacking code. I will not reuse the codes in that file, I will continue to work using my own codes. Can you please help? Those hacked codes do not belong to me and therefore I cannot get my account back.

Try testing code on localhost

yes you are right but my index.html file with my own codes was already running on localhost. When I threw that file to the server, a blank page was coming. I was looking for ready-made codes that could work to solve the error in my own codes, and I did not realize that the code I found was hacked. When I noticed my account was suspended. my codes are below.

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