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epiz_31118950 (anacak.com)

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Hi. I updated my MX records for the Google Workspace for Gmail. However, I cannot activate it again. I request your help.

What do you mean?
Write clearly first, or no help. Simple!

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I updated my DNS and MX records due to moving my old hosting company to InfinityFree.

You can use the MX records section in cPanel.

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I cannot delete byetcluster.com . Could this be why it’s not working?

It is not a problem with your domain. It is for your main domain (not related with anacak.com)

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Thanks, but I am not using subdomain. Google Workspace is defined to the main domain. (@anacak.com)

The records are fine, you can use gsuite email, the byetcluster.com record is not an issue.

Thanks. I’ll try again after waiting for a while.

Ok. It just needed a little more time. All MX records are working. Thanks. :+1:


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