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Hello I have two websites installed here and how I edit the html of my website and change images etc … Help me I’m lost here.

WDYM by this actually?

To access files. go to cpanel/file manager. go to htdoces folder and create your files and start coding html in them.

if you want to start coding html. you can learn it on:


How did you install the website in the first place?

If you used a CMS like WordPress, you’d have to make a custom(ized) WordPress theme to make changes to the design.

If you used a website builder, then you should be able to use that same website builder to make changes to the website too.

And if you’re using a HTML template, you’ll need to edit it’s contents by hand.


Hi a friend installed my site HTML template now I do not know how to edit manually. Where I change the images and links I have inside the site.

Go to file manager and look inside htdocs folder, that’s where all your website files are stored.

You can right-click on a file and select “Edit” to modify the file (such as changing a HTML page).

For more advanced editing, I keep all my website files on my computer and edit them with a code editor like Visual Studio Code. Then I upload changed files using FileZilla (FTP client)


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