About Blazor Server App

I am not really ace in this , exactly why i am asking if i am able to load my Blazor Server app and how.
So recently i was thinking about creating blazor app , and so did i , after building a project (i haven’t edited any of files just compiled template blazor server app)
I got some dll , pdb , json and most important - exe file. Now if i run this app on my pc i can enter localhost:5000 and see my project here , but i wonder if i can run this app on InfinityFree. If this is possible then how do i do that?

I may also have chosen the wrong category for this question

It’s not possible to host Windows Server apps on free hosting, especially because our servers run in Linux.


Well , is there any alternatives ? Is there any projects like blazor to write on c# instead scripting on js ?

Blazor isn’t the issue, it’s the dependency on C# itself. Switching to Razor Pages, ASP.NET or Umbraco isn’t going to make any difference if the hosting is lacking support for running C# software.

We only support the PHP programming language for server side code. Premium hosting also adds Python, Node.js and Perl. Any other programming language cannot be used. Even if it can be run on Linux.

To run C#, you need hosting that supports .NET. Our hosting doesn’t have that, and I don’t know any providers that I can recommend that do. Although it’s technically possible to run .NET on Linux nowadays, both cPanel and CloudLinux don’t support it, which makes it hard for hosting providers to just offer it. .NET is originally a Windows only technology, so it’s likely that any .NET hosting you’ll find is based on Windows. Which is very much a niche product.


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