About blank page

i recently made a webiste
after making its shows only blank page
suddenly worked after some hours
now say there is no website .\

is infinty free providing trial domains??
is the best free hosting and domain site or not?

I can see your website Please note that it can take up to 72 hours to work in over world

Can you explain this more instead of just complainting our hosting because you don’t know how to fix a thing?


its gone blank
should i wait 72 hours?

there is some webistes that say your servers go offline for some hours monthly
is that true?

sorry for bad english i am asian

even i cant see or install theme
should i wait 72 hr?

Can you please send a screen shot?

It isn’t true.

and edge browsers
note: i get my domain


i make my site yesterday

That’s not 72 hours, wait until around the 29th for the website to fully work for everyone.

29th day?

UP TO the 29th day of October.

ok thnks

i hope all working fine
but slow loading and still say not secure site

yes i will staty till 29th

Yeah, I’m afraid WordPress sites are slow with a free account, at least in my experience anyway. They’ve too many files and folders so it takes a while to load initially. They seem to take up quite a bit of inodes and CPU power.

This one time, I was writing an article with WordPress and my web got temporarily suspended due to CPU limit. :smiley:

For a simple static site like yours, I’d recommend downloading a nice one page template, editing it to your liking and then uploading the files to your htdocs.

P.S. Your website opens fine where I am, albeit slow the first time it gets loaded.

to secure, get free ssl by infinity free

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