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I recently found that the daily RAM usage is high. I have tried leaving it a day of inactive, without logging in and visiting the site, but it still shows high RAM usage.

  1. There is no plugin and no page builder (using WordPress build-in) installed or activated.

  2. It was a clean install a few days ago through the Softaculous application. It should not related to database or website content overloading issues.

  3. There is no content on the website, only a coming soon page.

I appreciate any reply and help. I have attached an image for further reference.

Try disabling all automatic updates (for core and plugins), and remove as many plugins as you can.


For your information. All auto updates are disabled. Will it be a system error, as there is no CPU activity but only RAM activity? Which is impossible?

Thank you.

It is possible.
You can do it by creating the same free subdomain on another hosting account.
Take note you need to remove subdomain from existing account first.
Make sure the new hosting account is on another hosting volume


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