A trusted SSL Certificate was not found

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###A trusted SSL Certificate was not found

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my domain is mehakcodes.online i concted wiht cloudfalre and after i also installed free sll form infinty free by\ut whne i go to script installer and install wordpress to https: then its says A trusted SSL Certificate was not found or if i install it not open in https

pls give me complete solution
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Softaculous sometimes is not able to detect the SSL certificate on your website. You can ignore that message, since your site is using HTTPS correctly.


bro ok but i have serouis problem when i use wordpress itfull of error like a its syas you are offilen when anything publishingh bro can i use lets encrypt ssl i have doubt can i got adesnse approvel or sitemap sumbit wihtou any error

If you’re experiencing any issues, please clearly state exactly what you are trying to do and what problem you are experiencing in trying to do that. Your last messages is just a stream of words with what seems like three issues with basically no information about what the issue is.


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