A trusted SSL Certificate was not found - Help Please

Username epiz_27016212 - Website URL esteehandmade dot com

Problems installing WordPress on https://esteehandmade.com

Error Message

A trusted SSL Certificate was not found

Other Information

I already setup the SLL certificate both on my cPanel in InfinityFree hosting and within the cPanel of the domain provider. The SLL certificate is by Let’s Encrypt it’s 2048 bit and it is ACTIVE in both places.

However - I tried installing WordPress trough softaculous app installer in the InfinityFree cPanel and I keep getting the same error message again and again - “A trusted SSL Certificate was not found”.

When I go to https://esteehandmade I do see a greeting page and I read some suggestions to ignore this error message and go ahead with the install - that didn’t work.

I tried also installing WP on HTTP and then changing it to HTTPS trough the WP admin panel - that also didn’t work.

I checked MySQL database and it was set to - https

Yet every time I tried I could only get WordPress on HTTP… The HTTPS version of my website is stuck showing the same greeting page.

Please can you look into that issue and tell me what to do because I really can’t think of anything else - as I said I have tried everything that has been previously suggested on that topic.

Thank you.

No issue on my side…pls clr ur cache.

Thank you, it was actually a issue with the CNAME records that I set in th InfinityFree cPanel - for some reason after I deleted them it worked

Most likely it was just SSL cache that was the problem. The CNAME records themselves do not affect your SSL status at all, and we generally recommend that you keep them, to save you time when you need to renew the certificate.


Thank you I will add the CNAME records back again

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