A specific file not appearing

My website URL is: http://netwok.epizy.com/php/

The file “groupchat.php” does not appear in directory listing (web interface) and it redirects me to a page with the 403 error (it does appear and i can edit it in FTP), ever after changing the file permissions 755, but, if i create an file like “testfile” it appears immediately in the directory listing. I am using the FTP editor on the hosting page.

Files with chat included in the file name are forbidden on free hosting.


can you explain why, please?

Maybe because it will surely need more resource, such as high CPU usage.

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Well. Chat requires a very heavy Ajax that sends requests by every seconds! It will speed low the server speed so much. plus which you mentioned.

Also moderating chat messages is harder than forum one :slight_smile:


InfinityFree doesn’t allow you to use their hosting for chatting purposes.

As InfinityFree is free hosting, it is pretty strictly for only hosting regular websites (I believe forums are still allowed)

Read the Terms of Service


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