A small question about the forum itself

Just curious about on what forum cms does infinityfree forum runs? (sorry if its not a cms tho!) i saw many websites using this forum type but never actually discovered what’s even it’s name. Would like to know especially if its up&free for personal usage!

It is called Discourse, and you can find the repository here:

You can set it up for free, but you’ll have to pay for the hosting, because it runs on Ruby on Rails and Node.js, which are not supported on Free Hosting.

If you are looking for a somewhat versatile forum that you can run on Free Hosting, I suggest Flarum. You can install it through Softaculous, too, which eases the installation process.


Thank you for your reply! Appreciated!


You’re welcome! I’m always glad to help someone out :grin:


btw you suggested flarum, can’t kinda get how to configure email confirmation on there, or to disable it at least, because website says that i cant make email accounts (screenshot below)

if you can help on that one would’ve been good too, thanks again!

For that, follow steps 1-3 of the “How to get your SMTP credentials” section:

Then, you can copy-paste each respective value into your Flarum setup/configuration.




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