A small fix

fix this

What do you mean “fix this”, you are allowed to only have 3 hosting accounts max.
We would heavily appreciate giving us context, I came to realize that you mean the darkmode doesn’t affect that box.


i mean the style and dark mode

Oh. Let’s wait for Admin to fix this as well!


@Admin fix dark modeee

I’ve seen the reports. No need to nag, I’m going to fix it ASAP.


Warning being Extreme Warning :smiley:

I honestly don’t know why bother to put “dark mode” at all

OK - that makes sense for the forum, where users spend several hours reading,
but for CA or CP where you generally come once and for 15 minutes
to add a domain or do something and after that, you don’t even come back…except maybe once every 3 months to create a new certificate

Also, it is better for users to do all this during the day when their concentration and attention are at a high level instead of doing it late at night when they are half asleep.

(I already said once before that it is best to make the appearance so that it is something between two states)

I think that all that with dark/white went beyond the initial idea to be useful
but now everyone puts it on websites to make it look like they offer/have some extra feature

The next trend could be “a custom icons packs” :joy:
so if you don’t like the ones that are there, then choose a new set (pink, red, rounded, etc.).
so that the colors match the current shirt you are wearing !!!


I believe it is for accessibility reasons (people with light sensitivity, for example), we wouldn’t want them to be uncomfortable when needing to use the client area even if for a brief period (and since Tabler comes with a dark mode by default, I assume there isn’t much customization needed from the Admin’s side).

As for custom icon packs - people that want this level of customization can use browser extensions to modify the website’s appearance and behavior by injecting custom CSS and JS, so let’s hope it doesn’t become a trend for web developers to include it in their applications too :sweat_smile:

Fun fact: The opposite may be becoming a trend, as in the example of Protonmail which offered the ability to add custom CSS since version 3, but dropped it since the redesign in v4.


Not that I have a bad time to read black text in a white background but it is more likely for me to misread words in that than white text in black background, I struggle the same way with reading books in real life but at least they don’t produce light on their own.

At least I would like the websites to adjust light/dark mode based on the system preference since people who use darkmode are most likely to have that enabled on their operating system (all it needa is only css (and its variables) and html)


This is pretty much the main reason. Many people requested it, and adding a setting that changes a few attributes on the body tag takes is no big deal.


Yeah, and then those who have problems with light
in 99% of cases they install WP with a completely white layout for the dash as well as for the website
and looking at it they spend ten times much more time than in CA
but they complain that CA “creates a problem for their eyes” :roll_eyes:

I think that in most cases it is just a trend
and then everyone is expected to do the same because if you don’t create “dark mode” then it looks like “you have an outdated CA or CP or website”

and for those who have problems, it’s better to turn this on (push the range slider all the way)

my picture is not very reliable, but it looks like this (control panel)


My MacBook has a more orange-ish colour when I turn Night Shift all the way anyway to the hotter tones. Not even my iPhone’s camera can distinguish the orange-ish colour and still shows a more white image than what it supposed to be:

(this for the Control Panel as well)


I went to “expert mode” on the phone photo app and then manually edited the camera settings to capture the shots as my eyes see them.
otherwise, it shines like an orange sun if you let the camera automatically take a picture :joy:


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