A question that sounds like impossible

Since great-site.net subdomain is blocked by Meta (Facebook, Instagram and others). I would like to use rf.gd to direct them to the great-site.net one without Facebook and others detecting the final URL.

I do not want my SEO ranking go down right now so I have no plans of migrating the site to FB’s unblocked rf.gd subdomain.

Just say if this is possible, but for me I really think its impossible. Just irritated that Meta does not allow me to share my TMAC PowerStore for others to purchase on it.

FB blocks great-site.net but not rf.gd. This is according to their sharing debugger.

I appeal a lot and begging for mercy thru Facebook’s URL blocked appeal page. I almost spam them with appeals in order to see mine but they never do something. I attempt to contact them directly but there is no way. Is there any possibility to make the main domain owner appeal to FB. I know that Infinity Free was really imposing bans on cybersecurity violations but FB still considers great-site.net having cybersecurity issues.

I attempted also to create a link redirector (Meta-Refresh) using Github but they also detect the final URL. So I think I will gave up on sharing the store’s URL on FB.

Or I was thinking of just banning Facebook to the new account I was planning to create using rf.gd. But have no idea how to block Facebook in the first place. Possibly using htacess but I could possibly block a non-Facebook IP Address or possibly not to all the Facebook’s IP Address.

im not sure which subdomains are allowed on facebook but I do remember that links from https://tinyurl.com are allowed so you could use that

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Changed my plan either. I decided, to just rebuilt my site using Abante Cart as Wordpress was too heavy and with Abante Cart I can use the SMTP protocol so I can use my Gmail Account, because there are no free email in Infinity Free. So the tmacpowerstore.rf.gd is now officially undergoing the DNS Propagation.

Do Infinity Free support SMTP Protocol? Or still does not?

Our hosting has always supported the SMTP protocol, and most likely always will.


Oops, no need to ask I am free to do what I am planning using Abante Cart.

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Hey! A wordpress plugin named “WP SMTP” saved my day, because today I can use the Woocommerce Email Function. So tmacpowerstore.rf.gd is now deactivated. I could not believe that there is an option to enable SMTP in Wordpress. So, Abante Cart was now turned off.

Any performance improvement tip for WordPress with Woocommerce and 11 more necessary plugins?

I fixed the FB issues by sending a Google Site which when you click will redirect to the site I host here. The only problem now is simply, PERFORMANCE.

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