A question about the TOS

Hello i was recently using this service and i was told automatic uploads from webcams are against TOS. I was only having camera upload pictures incase ut got stolen due to some ussues going on. Is this service nit meant for that? Thank you for your answers

This service is not meant for what you are trying to accomplish. You will have to find another host.


Is there any service that i can achieve that with for free? Thought this was the one it was working perfectly

You probably won’t find a free service to do that. I don’t even think premium services would be correct for that, either. I think you’ll need a VPS on API hosting. That should do the trick, at least in my opinion.


I will google that thank you for your help if i have any other questions ill come back but i dont wanna continue wasting your time on the fact i failed to read the TOS


Depending on where you upload those images from (device) I guess you can use gdrive.

If it’s important for you to have FTP access and the images are on a PC then

if the images are on an android device then it is much easier for you to sync automatically with gdrive.


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