A problem when I enter my site

Hi When I log in to my site from the phone Redirects to the .m page
As follows
How can I delete this feature Or how to make hosting support this feature for free

what is your domain name? so we can look what can be the problem


It will only work on the computer
If you enter it on the phone, it will transfer you to m.
As I explained above

clear you browser and your dns cache,


I don’t think this method will solve the problem

It will… Sometimes. Most of the time itll work

What feature?

Redirecting to an m subdomain seems like a feature of your website software. Our hosting doesn’t have anything like that.

As for if or how to turn that off: you probably know best. After all, only you could have added it.

Although getting that to work here would be hard. While you can create the m subdomain, it would point to a completely different site with no real way to communicate between the main site and the mobile site. So that would make website administration quite hard.


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