A new subdomain that could be added?


I simply wanted to know will there be any new subdomains added, of a .net variation I think of one may be .site.net


This depends on @Admin’s capability and interest in obtaining specific domains to be used for sub-domain creation purposes only.

Well it is just a suggestion, the others currently aren’t that easy to remember. There is socialnetworking.me, not everyone trusts certain subdomains. I was thinking just more generic keywords. So may be site.net or what ever really would be more to the point for a website.

Admin has to be the owner of the domain or have connected with it with the permission of the said domain’s owner, together with InfinityFree in order to make it available for creation of sub-domains for all InfinityFree users.

I see well I guess that example wouldn’t work, since it is already registered.

Perhaps something similar with a .net could be a suggestion.


We don’t have any new domain names on the planning, but if you could share some specific on what kind of domain name you would like to see for subdomains, we’re happy to see what we can offer.

Well a .net that has wwwnetsite, or wwwsites, webnetsite. The current subdomains are a little obscure I think. So WWW would represent world wide web.

For example twitter, wouldn’t trust .rf.gd, seen as untrustworthy, when I was using an account and added it as a web link.

I don’t think that’s because they specifically don’t like how that domain looks. It’s much more likely that some people created some bad websites on subdomains, and Twitter banned the entire domain as a response. It’s pretty much inevitable if you’re hosting as many sites as we do. Many social networks don’t like free hosting providers very much.

I highly doubt that having a different domain name will magically will make Twitter like it. Sure, when the domain is new, they won’t mind. But after a few months, and some bad sites, they may blacklist the domain again.

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