A new page not appearing

Hi people, i uploaded a bunch of files to my website, they had been edited on my computer, and they worked fine. Then i copied one of the files to use as a template for a new page, and i edited it and all, but it won’t show the page. My website is http://nile.epizy.com/ and the file is labeled as Nile79.php, so shouldn’t the URL be http://nile.epizy.com/Nile79.php ? Thanks!

Yes, but did you make sure they were named correctly?

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If i save the file as “Nile79” Shouldn’t my URL be http://nile.epizy.com/Nile79?

That URL is working for me here. What do you see on that URL?


YES. It is.

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It says page not found for me

For me http://nile.epizy.com/Nile79.php works. You might clear your cache.

It should but It won’t execute php codes.


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