A new (old) game for a really old computer

I grew up in london in the 80’s and around this time a company called Acorn produced a micro computer for the British Broadcasting Corporation which was pushed into schools to help educate the kids

Many games were also produced for this machine and I played a lot of them :smiley: but was always disapointed that my favorite arcade game Lady Bug from 1981 by Universal was never ported to the system and although some attempts at similar games were produced they didnt have that arcade feel

Well last year I decided to write this 40 year old game from scratch to run on the original computer (or emulators)

If there is anyone else here that still plays the beeb games and would like a copy then you are welcome

The game is written in 6502 assembly language aka machine code, the whole thing (program/graphics/sound effects/music) fits into 30K of ram !

Its fully open source and available on github @ GitHub - LoveBug2084/LadyBug: LadyBug for the Acorn BBC Micro Computer range

I use beebem emulator but you can also play it in your web browser (google chrome recommended) from my website @ https://lovebyte.eu.org/jsbeeb-main/?autoboot&noseek&disc=https://lovebyte.eu.org/project-files/lady-bug/LadyBug.ssd

You could also write the .ssd disk image to a floppy disk and play it on a real bbc computer if you like :smiley:

Here is a video i made playing a few rounds of a slightly older build during development, you might need to click unmute to hear the sound

Enjoy :smiley:


btw the default keys are z=left x=right /=down '=up

if you play in google chrome sometimes the up key isnt correctly assigned but i have no idea why

just push / to step down the main game menu to the control keys and press enter then define your favorite keys to solve the issue

The oldest game I know: Oakflat Nuclear Power Plant Simulator, The : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

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