A little question

What applications can I deploy on my website, can I use React/Angular/Vue or just PHP?

And if it is possible (in InfinityFree), how can it be uploaded?

Through Online FTP or FileZilla (Info for FTP is in Client Area)
I don’t know about React, Angular and Vue, but PHP is possible


Yes, I know PHP is no problem. But uploading an Angular/React/Vue app?

You can, unless it is based on node.js

Can I use these frameworks without using node.js?

Yes, if it isn’t based on node.js
No, if it is based on node.js

React, Angular and Vue all run as Javascript in the browser, so they can be used here. Just note that we don’t provide SSH access or Node.js on the server. So you will need to download the node modules and do all the packaging and transpilation and whatnot on your own computer and upload the generated files over FTP.


Okay, thanks to everyone :smiley:

@Admin Quick question, Angular being a framework to create and maintain single page web applications, is there any CPU limitation that I have to be careful? I mean, as it is not practically reloading the page, maybe the limit offered by InfinityFree will never touch it. I am new and I would like to upload an angular app to the hosting to test it (that’s why I ask you in case there is a library to watch out for etc etc).

AngularJS under the hood is just fancy Javascript running in the browser. AngularJS itself just requires some HTML and Javascript files to be sent from the server, which consumes no CPU at all. Only once you start introducing a PHP backend application is when you’ll start generating a CPU usage.

AngularJS doesn’t run on the server so it doesn’t generate CPU usage.


Thanks! I’ll keep it in mind :slight_smile:

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