A little help.

Can anyone tell me some kind of website site builder where i can design a website form complete scratch and it can provide me with the html code too, i’ve been using WordPress but it so annoying that you can’t add your custom codes in it plus you don’t even have acess to add your own features please help me so that i can codes in my website, if that’s no possible can anyone tell me how to add dimensions in my html? :frowning:

You could customize your WordPress theme and customize the HTML. However, you do need to somewhat understand the WordPress theming system.

What you’re experiencing here is the age old trade-off of flexibility versus ease of use. You could use a website builder and build a site in half an hour, but you are restricted to the limited features provided by the site builder. You could also program your website from scratch and make it work exactly like you want it to, however it takes a lot of time and skill to build something like that. There are plenty of options in the middle, but you need to find a balance. You can’t have both. The website builder where you can build sophisticated web applications in a few hours has not been invented yet.

WordPress is more than what you think… It has a lot inside of it. e.g of wp theme you can twist it to what you like is Carrington mobile, but this does not mean that all other wp themes cannot be twisted to your own taste and satisfaction, its only that carrington mobile gives you a knowledge and a way to make it, if you like too much codings, you can take snippet of my site pop9ja.com which is built from a WordPress site and a wp theme (carrington theme) so wp gives you an opportunity to run your site to your expectation

@Colorado4sure Thanks, you are the guy who can help me.