A big step

**It has nothing to do with any InfinityFree service but I know there is a great community here that can give me a hand :slight_smile: **

I am looking for a good hosting server that is not too expensive and offers interesting options like SSL, domain etc etc. I have been looking for comparisons and I have found:

  1. Hostalia.
  2. Hostinger.
  3. Siteground.
  4. GoDaddy.

But there are websites that value some more than others and vice versa so I will never agree on which hosting to choose. If anyone can help me to find a Hosting value for money that I know is very good or offers good features.

Are you looking for a hosting server or a hosting service? One of them is a piece of hardware (or virtual hardware) which you can setup to your liking, the other is a managed platform offering turn key hosting, usually for a specific purpose and audience.

But when looking for a hosting service, please don’t forget our partner iFastNet either. They also offer good hosting and do so at a lower price than most others.


I too would say iFastNet, even if just for the price. Although I have not tried them myself, I have heard many good things from people I know.

I have however tried Hostinger once, and I cannot reccomend them. They’re very overpriced for their quality. I wouldn’t reccomend GoDaddy either. They too are overpriced as well (if not more so- they aren’t actually high quality at all) and their security leaves much to be desired as well. There have been instances of people getting into their customer’s accounts by simply social engineering their way past the information the phone service reps require.


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