99% Downtime

This message is for the admin as I can tell this is a server side issue. I have checked the forum for solutions but don’t seems to see any.

I am a teacher and I am using your free hosting servers to teach my students how to upload and view their work. There is constant downtime. We either get an error that we cannot connect to the server or suspended domain issues or a variety of other errors. Your site says 99% uptime, but unfortunately we are experiencing quite the opposite. I understand this is a free service but you are losing potential future clients that may one day upgrade to a paid service.

If there is something I should be doing to make this process more seamless, please let me know.


I second that. But for me it is 100% downtime. Been trying for the past 2 days with no luck. Guess 000webhost is better option, though they only have limited bandwidth and storage but at least better than this.


Yeah True…

Same for me. I finally got to my website after refreshing the page for half an hour. Imagine my surprise when I check my website again and they’ve suspended it!

Its 100% True I also can not connect to the FTP server.

Same here. I even manually entered my password but it was giving me an error message the whole time.

I’m very sorry for the downtime caused today, and any trouble it may have caused for you.

I know these issues are bad and the downtime is way too long. Fortunately, these issues are very rare. So when counted over a whole year, the uptime is still reasonable.

Because while we do promise 99% uptime, we generally count this time over a month. We can’t promise 99% uptime over shorter periods of times, because system issues do happen.

Thank for your response. I totally get that but is there a reason for this that you are working on or is it something that happens from time to time? What is the solution?

Thanks for your response, is there any solutions for these errors?

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