99.9% uptime - HA!

Admin needs to remove the 99.9% uptime claim from his marketing pages on this site since it’s a false claim. I realize it’s not his fault but iFastNet is now causing InfinityFree to risk losing existing users and should cause potential new users to think about looking at other options if they spend time reviewing this forum before signing up.


Until recently, it was true. Right now, it isn’t. After today, it may become true again.

Marketing claim or not, people expect a hosting service which works. Yes, this outage is probably a good reason for many people to seek other providers. But I don’t see how removing a percentage from our home page is going to make people accept an outage lasting multiple days.

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But it wasnt just the past few days, there were serious issues just a couple of weeks ago that caused downtime for many sites. My point is that you shouldnt claim 99.9% uptime when it’s not true and since you’re at the mercy of ifastnet you can’t do jack s*** about even when things are down

True and agree

Hmmmm, every provider has downtimes sometimes, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ratio beetween uptime and downtime is still 1:999 for infinityfree, I’ve had my websites perfectly running for months now and can’t complain, this was a small outage and you can’t call the owners bad names for this you dumb fucking cunt, go host your own hosting server you absolute moron, I bet you’re not even paying for this just leeching off people with good will, honestly I think someone like you should just stick to WordPress…

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Over 48 hours was a small outage. Lolz

Oh im sorry that your anti-vaxxer blog went down for such an inhumane amount of time, I can’t even comprehend the frustation you must’ve had, whole 48 hours is really a lot man idk what to say :(((

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You might not be aware of this but many ppl use the site to run actual small businesses, school projects, etc. So for some it actually did cause a real setback. You sound like a fanboy.

I’m running my own online puzzle hunt and this was indeed an annoyance, our team was a bit mad but nothing was lost and there was no reason to be a cunt against the admins, also like if you’re running a small business you should use something a bit more professional

I’m just thankful for the pure possibility to freely host on here

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You might not be aware of this but many ppl use the site to run actual small businesses

That’s the risk they have to take, and they also should’ve known right from the start, that free hosting won’t held responsible for any losses caused by it. Ever since they generate money without paying anything to hosting provider.

… school projects, etc

CMIIW, but there was a technology called localhost. And also a portable disk called USB. Not sure what it was, but I’ll surely stick to that technology if I found one.

Obrigado ADM! Estamos ON

It’s unfortunate that you can’t see the bigger picture. Localhost/usb solution doesnt help when students use this site to learn php, mysql etc without having to setup that stuff on their own machines or for students who do remote learning. Many of these sites are used by ppl in countries that are shall we say “not rich”. So maybe have some sympathy

If you managed servers before, you would have known how hard it is to maintain 100% uptime.
And the iFastNet free cluster was always great before the start of 2019, I don’t know if those problems were planned maintenances or sudden outages but if they fixed that the uptime will be back again.

If you managed servers before you’d know the prudent thing to do before a major update is notify all parties in advance who could possibly be affected if things go to shit, which didn’t happen here. Reeks of amateur hour - you CANNOT deny that.

I have a question for you: have you ever worked at a company managing servers? Have you been involved in outage communication? If so, what role did you playing during it? Or are you just arguing from what you would like to see as a user?

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28 yrs IT experience - since 1991. Know a few things.

I’m sorry, but that doesn’t really answer my question. “IT experience” could be many things, from writing software, to plugging in mice and keyboards, to convincing people to use the software your company sells. The kind of outages you experience, the effect on customers and the experience you have during it can vary at lot.

I’ve been involved in outages with hosting and managed services companies in positions ranging from L1 support to L3 support / operations, to software development. As L1 support, you want as much information as you can get to share with concerned customers. As L3 support / ops you know that giving such information can do more harm than good. As software developer, most of the work just goes past you.

Horse is dead. Reasonable people on forum see that you and/or iFastNet have no plans to do a post-incident review and come up with a “lessons learned” action plan. Gotcha.

How do you know no post-incident review has been done? Sure, I haven’t heard from iFastNet regarding any post-mortems, but the fact that they don’t share it with the world doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You could slap me with Russel’s Teapot for saying things like that, but it’s also true that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Some companies have an open culture and share their experiences and tools, other companies keep their cards close to their chest. iFastNet generally fits the latter category. They communicate hardly anything proactively before, during or after incidents.

I could try to write such a review from the InfinityFree perspective, but it would fit on a beer coaster. “iFastNet had an outage which could not be controlled from the InfinityFree side, and we messed up with noticing and coordinating the outage communication to our users (which took a day or so). We’ve setup rudimentary monitoring which should help recognizing issues like this so we can catch such issues faster.”

Also, you still keep dodging the questions I ask to you. I’m trying to have an on the level discussion here, but that’s really hard to do for me if I don’t know your frame of reference.