60days over but account not deleted-epiz_24694586

my account is De-Activated more than 70 days but its still not deleted.

The account deletion scheduler seems to be having trouble keeping up with the accounts. I still see accounts are being deleted as I’m writing this, but the examples I see were already deactivated a week before your account.

I’m going to check why it’s having trouble keeping up. But your account will likely be deleted in a week or so too.


Hi admin, thans for support, but still my account is not delete request you to pls look into this and delete it as soon as it’s more than 100 days a

Last time, I said it would take a week or so. I still stand by that statement. It’s less than a week ago that I wrote it, and everything indicates that your account will be deleted within the next few days. Just have some patience please.


Why are you in such a hurry to delete it? Patience is key when it comes to a free service. Luckily the only way it could be a disadvantage to you is if you did something illegal with said account. But in good faith, I’m going to assume that’s not the case.


Like I promised, the account was deleted yesterday afternoon.


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