553 Can't open that file: Read-only file system

I would like to help all of you, but I can’t do so if you don’t provide me with the information I need. The fact that many people are experiencing this issue probably means that something is going on, but I don’t have enough information to tell what that is. Again, can you please answer the questions from the topic template?

Same problem here. Where is that template? I will provide you all the info needed.

I have listed types problem that i am having since 5-Jun-2019

Like i am getting these Errors:

  1. When Installing or Deleting a plug-in, or Uploading a Media File it just asks for FTP Configuration.

  1. I can’t enter Softaculous Apps Installer.

  1. I can’t Edit any File using Online File Manager.

  1. Neither can i Edit any file using this File Manager.


I’ve did some checks myself, and I can confirm that there is an issue with at least a part of the websites. I’ve described the issue in more detail here:

Note that this issue only affects some accounts. If you followed the instructions in that post and see that your account is not affected by that specific issue, please let me know which website that is so I can check it.

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