550 Error Trying to Upload My MineCraft Overviewer Site



Error Message

Response: 550 Can’t create directory: Disk quota exceeded

Other Information

I’m trying to upload a MineCraft server Map Render which is stored as many tiny .jpgs, and chose infinityfree because of the unlimited disk space.

This support response (550 Can't create directory: Disk quota exceeded) for the same error seems to indicate that I was given a quota because its mistaking my website for “media sharing activity.”

I believe this to be a mistake, due to the fact that my files are in .jpg format… but aren’t existing for media sharing purposes. Its just how the program renders the map files.

The ‘Disk Quota Exceeded’ error is when your run out of storage.
I know InfinityFree says ‘unlimited storage’, but they use Linux - and Linux has a storage system called ‘inodes’
The limit for inodes is 30019
Every inode is 1 file. (so how many files do you have in the dynmap folder?)
InfinityFree can’t do anything about Linux… the inodes limit is hardcoded.

In other words, you have reached the inode limit.

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What a headache! There are much more than 30,000 files… almost 600k

Is it that Linux just can’t have more than 30,000 files on a disk, or is it the specific version of Linux they use? How the heck do people host these online, if most servers use Linux?

I think it’s the specific version …

I think it is how they have it setup. If you have that many files, you will probably need to buy hosting.

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The limits for people are set by the host. Because this is a free host, you don’t get many inodes. On premium, you get many more, and on premium business plans, you get unlimited inodes with fair usage terms.

Hosting 600K mini images doesn’t seem like fair use to me, in my opinion.

Because they spend money on premium services and VPSs.


A Linux system can handle millions of inodes. But that system is shared by many thousands of sites, so we can’t let every site have millions of files.

600k images is a quite excessive number of files. Maybe a specialized file or image sharing service would be a better place for them?


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