550 Could not change perms on projects: Permission denied

i remove permission of folder for 2 hours but again when i give permission then access denied error and got this error 550 Could not change perms on projects: Permission denied.

what chmod num. you set up?
it’s are very likely you locked folder irreversibly
or worse - depending on what you set chmod
I hope this is not a htdocs folder

If you removed your own permissions to make changes to files (i.e. permissions lower than 600), then you cannot make changes to those files again, including changing their permissions. Unfortunately, there are no safeguards at this time to prevent you from locking yourself out, and no way to reset file permissions if you do.

I’m sorry, but all I can recommend is to either ignore the folder if you can, or move the domain to another folder (possibly another account) if you need to.

i set the permission actually to htdocs folder now its now deleting.

it set to 0000
and then when i set again its not set the permission and give the error,

That’s logical because you’re unfortunately locked yourself

Please try to recreate your website on a different account (create new acc)

we do not think of a new registration (do not be confused)

just go to the client area
and at the top you will have a button

the maximum number of accounts is 3