522 error


error msg
This URL is redirected to http://greenchalks.com

this was after I enabled cloudflare, i cant reach the secured site on https
i got 522 error telling the operation timed out, I deleted the dns of _acme-challenge and _acme-challenge.www!

I got this when I checked the DNS

Bad Glue Detected
Parent server gave glue for greenchalks.com to be greenchalks.com.cdn.cloudflare.net but we resolve that hostname to
Parent server gave glue for ns2.epizy.com to be but we resolve that hostname to

At least one name server failed to respond in a timely manner
Failure detail:

Local NS list does not match Parent NS list was reported by the parent, but not locally was reported by the parent, but not locally was reported locally, but not by the parent

SOA Expire Value out of recommended range
ns1.epizy.com reported Expire 604800 : Expire is recommended to be between 1209600 and 2419200.

thanks in advance

Works for me

How come?!
are you sure you are on https? and not http!
the only url working is the unsecure

Pls disable CF integration in VPanel.

Use this guide instead


The way we integrated Cloudflare is a bit of hack. The warnings your DNS checker gave are “normal” in that they are known limitations of our design.

The error 522 may have been caused by an outage in one of our nameservers, which has been resolved already.

so you are telling me to move to cloudflare server! to solve the problem?

If you want to use CloudFlare, following the guide would be better for you

what do you mean by “limitations of our design”? when I transferred the site to cloudflare server I had to purge to work the site and lost some of the site format settings (colors, spacing, font,…etc.) I had before transferring. is that due to the limitations?
anyway I need your advice on how to:
1-activate cloudflare for the site and keep the original design format of infinityfree
2-not to lose access to https secure connection
3-and if I have to transfer to cloudflare servers, direct me how to keep the original site design without losing any format setting if possible!

thank you

Our Cloudflare integration works on the “partial” integration method. Normally, this method only protects the www subdomain, and can’t cover the main domain due to limitations of how DNS is supposed to be used.

Our integration was “hacked” by applying to subdomain protection to the naked domain too. This technically violates how DNS is supposed to work, but even after thorough testing we couldn’t find any case where this cause problems for any actual visitors, devices or browsers.

So the warnings are more or less intentional. The decision to not follow the traditional integration method definitely was intentional.

You don’t typically move a website to Cloudflare. Your website stays with the hosting provider, you just add Cloudflare in front of it. Depending on how you integrate it, you may change your DNS hosting to Cloudflare. But your website doesn’t go anywhere.

This also means your website contents are not changed. The files on your account are exactly as they are with and without Cloudflare.

Cloudflare can apply optimizations and changes to your website, like RocketLoader, minification of various files or Automatic HTTPS Rewrites. If these are setup incorrectly, or your website code doesn’t handle the changes well, things can break.

But if you disable all the optimizations of Cloudflare, then the site with Cloudflare should be exactly the same as the site without Cloudflare.

There is also the risk of mixed content. If you use Cloudflare for HTTPS, but your website used HTTP before, you may still have HTTP URLs hardcoded in your site which are blocked by browsers if you open the site with HTTPS.

If you have PHP code to automatically detect whether the connection uses HTTPS, then this may also not work correctly with Cloudflare because Cloudflare normally doesn’t use HTTPS between their servers and your hosting account. Installing a self signed SSL certificate (available in our Free SSL Certificates tool) and switching Cloudflare to “Full” SSL mode avoids this.

You can activate Cloudflare in whatever way you want and it should not change the design of your website. If it does, maybe we can help you. If so, please share screenshots with and without Cloudflare and point out what has changed.

You can use Cloudflare for HTTPS or you can get a free SSL certificate from us and install that to your hosting account.

Note that even then you still have to make sure your website uses HTTPS URLs everywhere or things will break.

Again, your site isn’t changed if you activate Cloudflare. Just be wary of mixed content issues and of Cloudflare optimizations.


you covered all the bases!
thank you

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