502 Error

epiz_28942233 and epiz_29089832
it’s my 2 sites

Error Message

502 Bad Gateway
I have been seeing this error on my sites for 2 days, as well as my sites load for about 1 minute.

Other Information

My sites ip
Help me :frowning:

Could you please share the website URL? An account or an IP address is not a site. Accounts and IP addresses can host many sites.

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buevskaia.rf.gd and youmir.online

buevskaia.rf.gd this site has become loaded normally
youmir.online This one is still long

This is an image of the speed of the site

Free hosting isn’t the fastest, but the reason that your website is loading so slowly is because of these problems:

This isn’t InfinityFree’s problem, you just need to optimize your website. Go back to PageSpeed insights and follow those tips. Especially reducing the unused Javascript, this is costing you nearly 5 seconds.

Optionally, you can also use a CDN, such as CloudFlare, which will further speed up your site.

Aiming for a score of 95 - 100 is a good idea.


Just a few days ago, the site loaded 10 times faster, since then there have been no changes.
At the moment, the site page can load for 2 minutes before the timeout, and after it shows the error 502. On my local server, the site loads in normal mode.

Try to use CDN such as CloudFlare

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