502 error on my website today july 17

My website URL is: https://massagerepublicdubai.ml

What I’m seeing is: im seeing 502 error
Cliudflare working
Browser working
Hosting error

View this screenshot and u will get idea.
Kindly tell me is this issue from hosting and when be solved.

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

502 Bad Gateway and 522 Connection timed out are different errors. That happens because your server is slow or getting no responses at all (DDoS). The only solution is to disable Cloudflare for your domain, move it to another account whose IP is functioning and enable Cloudflare again.

So you mean i should change my hosting and then activate cloudflare.
It mean this problem is from infinity hosting server?

You should add the domain to a new hosting account here on InfinityFree whose IP is different (for example the new IP is not equal to the old IP, not elsewhere, and then enable Cloudflare. Some servers are not reliable here on InfinityFree, so…

Ok understand
Since im beginner in this from where i can do this
I need to create new account at infinity and then add website there or something else from control panel.
Sorry for bothering u in details im new in this

Go to the Client Area; the address is there: Screenshot%20at%20lug%2017%2016-49-33
Then don’t create a new account; login to an existent one, and then click on this button: Screenshot%20at%20lug%2017%2016-50-56
NOTE: If you need to add a domain on another account, disable CloudFlare for it, then delete the domain from the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel!

Then input the same domain, without protocol nor www. on the field below (overwrite yourdomain.tld with your domain name):


Complete the CAPTCHA and click on “Create Account”. Then click to go on the Control Panel, and on “I Approve”. Now enable Cloudflare for your domain again!

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