502 bad gateway


https://classroom.futurex.eu.org/ and http://books.futurex.eu.org/

Error Message

502 bad gateway

Just checked mine, ramalenzteachings.com, and am getting the same 502 error message.
L. Borok

Same for me: https://brawltools.net/

Looks like problem is from infinityfree side?

I’m also having the same issues on all websites on all hosting accounts I own from three different IPs. Seems like the problem is on the free hosting side, where they are doing some maintenance and so they might have unplugged the drives for a while, but we have to wait for more information.

EDIT: Now it works; seems to be a temporary problem.


My site is up

Just checking here, looks like the servers are slowly going back up. IP:


Server back!

I just hope that all of my data doesn’t vanish completely cause I’m working on a school project and I was just about to download all of the most recent files to my machine and then BOOM!

NICE! Everything OK on my end too!

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