502 bad gateway

From past few days I am using cloudflare and today morning I get 502 bad gateway may I know what is the problem.

And I also received a mail from Google that the number of 404 pages are increasing on my site why is that so?

Is it the ddos attack?

This annoying issue occurs many times during the day and it’s solved after 30-60 seconds.
After a while (randomly) it fails again.
Administrators should try to open a file insistently until the error appears in order to see where the problem comes from.

I’ve also been having the same issue for about 24 hours now, It works normally for a while, then it goes off again, We really need to know what is happening, some users of my website are beginning to simply freak out

… and now the service is completely down. Too many troubles… it’s time to look for another hosting. :frowning:

We are aware of the problem and are working to fix it: https://forum.infinityfree.com/discussion/1548/ftp-connectivity-issues-website-connection-timed-out

Please stick with us for a few more days, after which you get to experience the speed and reliability most people know us for.