502 bad gateway


502 bad gateway

Hello, my website don’t work, can you do anythings? Thinks

Heave same problem.
And my website “” http://dritare.cf/ “” doesn’t open, say [502 bad gateway}

It looks like the IP address in which your sites are hosted on,, is throwing out 502 errors at the moment.
We need to wait until the IP goes back online, which can take some time.


Username (epiz_32886703) or Website URL http://amplseed.great-site.net/

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Error Message

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Other Information

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The website is — http://www.dritare.cf/----
The error message is ----- 502 bad gateway ---- and ---- Error establishing a database connection ----
When i try to install a plugin (W3 Total Cache) always i get that errors… and the site go down for few hours

When i try to connect with FTP (Filezilla) i get always this message ‘’ 421 Home directory not available - aborting’’

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