502 Bad Gateway

Website URL: (http://cloud-drive.epizy.com/index.php

Error Message

It says 502 Bad Gateway


Other Information

I was installing nextcloud and I wanted to finish setting it up. After I entered all the information, it says 502 Bad Gateway,
nginx. If there is a way to fix it can anyone help as I have retried 5 times.

I appreciate the great service!
Have a nice day.

Hello there. Your site does seem to be working, however, you are violating the TOS and have grounds for permanence suspension of all your accounts.

Per the TOS, InfinityFree is meant for hosting websites, and not files. NextCloud is a file hosting/sharing service. Therefore, by installing a NextCloud product on your account, you are violating our TOS. Please remove the installation, and read the TOS before continuing. I linked it below.


I agree with @Greenreader9, You have two options:

  1. Ignore it and get suspended
  2. You can move to another host

Premium hosting is also not meant for file hosting services. He will need a VPS or dedicated server for that.

@MAHOfficial, Oops :sweat: forgot about that, thanks!

@YT_Xaos: You forgot a space

You have three options actually,

  1. Do nothing and get yourself permanently suspended from most free hosts (As most of the free hosting company’s are owned by the same person.)

  2. Find another host that allows this type of content (It will probably have to be a paid host, I don’t think you will be able to find a free one.)

  3. Get iFastNet’s VPS or Dedicated server as @MAHOfficial said.

Alternatively, you can host something else on your free account (Like an actual website, as that is the only thing allowed)

Thanks, and best of luck.


Gosh darn my spelling was bad that day.

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Actually almost every host have a TOS to not run file sharing scripts because of the fact that it is a premium (shared hosting) service which means resources of servers are being shared between many clients. So, it can effect the speed for other users. I wasn’t able to find any shared hosting that allow file sharing scripts to be hosted :frowning:

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There are some providers who do allow it, but they usually have disk space restrictions to keep things in check. They also tend to be more expensive.

But a $5 per month unlimited account? You can’t use that for file hosting.

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Yes, a VPS or dedicated server is required for that for performance reasons I believe.

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