502 Bad Gateway

epiz_26356903 - www.pmbeard.com

502 Bad Gateway

I just noticed yesterday or the day before that my site suddenly has this error when it was running just fine before. This is the first time this happened. Please help.

P.S. Even my other account although, it’s currently under construction and doesn’t matter as much as my main account, but still:

epiz_26181314 - www.lakanbula.com

My guess is that it’s a plugin or theme or some other code which is just taking REALLY long to load, causing the server to give up.

The wp-admin and wp-login pages seem to be loaded on your site (albeit very slowly). So maybe you could go into the WordPress admin and disable some plugins and custom themes and see if you can make your website load that way?

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I can’t access www.pmbeard.com/wp-admin.

Oh now I can. It loads super slow. When I tried editing some of the pages so I can just back em up, the edit page wont even load. Deactivated all my plugins and changed to a different theme. (even those took forever) Still the same. If I could just open my FAQs page and back it up since I for some reason have no backup up (facepalm) so I can just create a new site and start from scratch and delete this one.

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