502 Bad Gateway

hello I also have this problem on some of my pages which previously have worked just fine those are

Your scripts take too long to load. Possibly a curl timeout issue?

I am not sure it has to do with curl for example this one script is for messages.php

What does it do, the script?

It it takes a file with ftp from another place and just shows some rows from that file in html, but its strange cause it worked just fine all 3 scirpts do the same, take some data with ftp and shows it.

Okay so I have found out what was the problem at least in my case. This answer in stackoverflow fixed my problem
php - ftp_get: Illegal PORT command - Stack Overflow.

so I have just added this line
ftp_pasv($conn_id, true) or die("Cannot switch to passive mode");
on my scripts after login part like so:

Hope that helps someone.

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am having same problem trying to load a theme on my site then the next thing is 502 bad gateway atktraders.com

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