502 Bad Gateway

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Error Message

502 Bad Gateway. The web server has reported a bad gateway error.

Other Information

This happened after installing wordpress. The other pages on the site are working fine but the wp-admin section cannot be accessed.

Now again a new error code.

Error code:

Error 521 Ray ID: 5ac7f3588dfbf3e3 • 2020-07-02 11:15:44 UTC

Web server is down

Now again a new error code.

Error code:

520 Ray ID: 5ac7faad8f0de5fc • 2020-07-02 11:20:44 UTC

Web server is returning an unknown error

502 Either means your wordpress config prevented the loading of a page because something went wrong, but 502 Web Server error means that cloudflare can’t establish a connection between the server to securely load the page, this may mean your IP is affected by Maintenance,

I will just check it

This seems to have been a temporary issue which has fixed itself, as your webpage is loading fine.

Feel free to reply to me for more help. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your Concern

No Problem! Remeber to mark this as solved if you continue to have no errors!

Clear your browser caches and to see your site with no issues.

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