502 Bad Gateway nginx

WooCommerce and especially Elementor are known to be very heavy plugins that need beefy hosting to run well. Free hosting is simply not powerful enough to run this.

WooCommerce is hard to get around if you want to build an online store, but replacing Elementor with something more lightweight (I’ve head good things from people just using the standard Gutenberg editor with Kadence blocks for additional flexibility).


Thank you so much Fam, much appreciated. What would be a recommended hosting plan for heavy site?

I’d say the bigger the plan, the better your chances. I don’t know what would be a minimum recommendation, InfinityFree doesn’t sell them so I cannot provide recommendations from experience.

My gut feeling says a Super Premium plan from iFastNet will probably be enough, but that’s just a guess.


I thought the same too, but when I compared it with infinityfree account I couldn’t tell much of the different from what is displayed on the package , My concern was things like inodes and other hidden details which might have an effect on the speed. Also my limited understanding of this technicalities doesn’t help me know what would I should consider when attempting to upgrade. Your advices would be appreciated especial regarding space and speed.

Thank You.

I don’t have any helpful information I can give you.

The exact values of the limits on free hosting are secret. I know the limits on premium hosting are higher, but not how much higher they are. Also free hosting technically works differently from premium hosting, so hitting the limits may result in different behavior between the two products.

Also, I don’t even know what is actually causing the issues we see. We know that free hosting doesn’t meet the minimum recommendations of WooCommerce and Elementor, but I don’t know which exact limits it’s reaching and why that results in the error you see.

The only thing I know for certain is that a lot of people experience 502 Bad Gateway errors when using Elementor on our hosting. Everything else is an educated guess.

I know you’d love to have guarantees about whether your site will work, and I would like to be able to give them to you. But the reality is that I’m not an expert on either Elementor or on iFastNet’s premium hosting. So I cannot make any promises about how well Elementor will work on the various plans from iFastNet.

All I can tell you is that iFastNet has a 7 day money back guarantee, and all plans can be ordered for only a single month. So if you want certainty, you could just order a plan, try it, see if it works, and upgrade (or cancel) if it doesn’t work.


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