502 Bad Gateway nginx

Website: https://a7rondev.epizy.com

This is what I see

Have you cleared your cache/cookies?


now it shows that it is not possible to connect to the server. + another error 502 has not gone away. It still appears from time to time.

Yes, I cleaned the cache.

I can confirm

Screenshot 2022-11-25 123257

Interesting and maybe has something to do with this again


Unable to access the site

Site a7rondev.epizy.com does not allow connection to be established.
Try to do the following:

Check your internet connection.
Check the proxy server and firewall settings.


What next?

As we suspected (post above),
your IP .33 appeared in the list of problematic IPs (more details below)

So you will have to wait - hopefully not for long.


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