502 bad gateway nginx


There is a problem with infinity at this moment? From minute to minute the error appears and i try to edit the website and i can’t… this has happened to me for 24 hours and continues…

Is something i can do in my control painel or is a intern problem?


If you don’t fill out the template, we have trouble helping you. Can you please provide your URL?


I’m sorry.


Your website is working fine for me.

is working but after 1/2 minutos the error 502 bad gateaway appears… and i don’t understand why

Print from a minute ago:


Since an HTTP 502 error indicates an internal server error, one of the following may be happening.

  • A DDoS attack may be temporary rendering the server offline, or partially disabled.
  • The server may be undergoing maitance
  • Something else happened to the server

In any case, the issue should be resolved shortly. Unfortunately, I don’t really have more information then that, although Admin may have more info once he comes online.

If this is really bothering you, you can backup your website, and create a new hosting account (This should move you to a new IP address, hopefully one that is not having issues). Just make sure to move your domain over as well!


Ok… i will wait for the admin and if the problem continues, i will follow your suggestion.

This domain name doesn’t appear to be hosted by us right now. Please update your domain’s nameservers to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com if you want to use our hosting.


Yes, i changed the nameserver’s to verify if the problem is from my website or infinity. I will change again later and try again,

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